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n the years since the Outpost Library opened, we have grown from the original 28 book reviews to over 700! We have a hard working group of both permanent staff and freelance readers and reviewers, and are working to offer even more to the Outpost membership. The Library is here for our members to share their favorite books, and their personal comments on those books, with everyone at the Outpost, regardless of their affiliation or genre.

Anyone and everyone is invited to read and write for the Library - you don't have to be in a team; rank is not important as long as you like to read!.

The Library is supported by our relationship with amazon.com. but they do not influence our selection of books to review, or the content of the reviews. All content in the Outpost Library is original, the thoughts and comments of OUR members.

So, take a look. Just click on the text links and you will be transported to new universes both near and far away or places where nightmares lurk. Where dragons and wizards work their special magic; to planets outside the known galaxy where imagination, the future, and the unexpected go hand in hand. Or, find a Good Book!

Welcome! Enjoy, have fun, and read!
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Upcoming Book Releases
April 15, 2008
* Hold Tight -Harlan Coben

April 22, 2008
* The Whole Truth - David Baldacci
* Santa Fe Dead - Stuart Woods

May 6, 2008
* The Battle of the Labyrinth - Rick Riordan
* Phantom Prey - John Sandford
* The Host - Stephenie Meyer
* The Hollow - Nora Roberts
* Careless in Red - Elizabeth George

June 3, 2008
* Nothing to Lose - Lee Child

Featured Reviews

The Kinsman Saga
by Ben Bova
5 Stars
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Beat to Quarters
by C.S. Forester
5 Stars
CL4 the Green Knight
Guilty Pleasures
by Laurell K. Hamilton
5 Stars
CL7 Cynara
The Romulan Prize
by Simone Hawke
5 Stars
CL5 Scorger

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