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What is an Alternate Universe?

A place that is not part of our known solar system, inhabited by strage beings, some human and some not. Places that are not on our astronomical charts, and out of reach in this time. Who is to say that these places and people do not exist - we won't know until we can travel to those places where some of the best of the best Science Fiction is set in landscapes and mindsets unknown to man.

In the Alternate Universes, time travel is not uncommon. Just ask Dr. Who or the inhabitants of the planet called Dune. Venture into the world of L.M. Bujold and visit the Vorkos series - you have no idea what you'll find there, but it won't be familiar earth-based storytelling. We all know that Terry Pratchett has a way with strange places - take a look and see what he has imagined!

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