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What's in here?

"A globe-trotting, geopolitical thriller that sizzles with inside information, military muscle and CIA secrets"

"Moves at the speed of a stinger missle"

"A sharply plotted thriller...with nonstop action and suspense"

"Exceedingly clever...Fascinating and fun...a considerable achievement"

"It's brilliant! The characters have depth..the plot is twisty, turny, slippery and surprising. As for the ending...WOW!"

"A superb cloak-and-dagger melodrama..enough excitement to exhaust the hardiest reader"

"A killer of a thriller!...Constant intrigue, action aplenty, bloody good fun!"

Enough said, by the best of the best of international book reviewers. So, hang on, strap yourself in and get ready for some great rides. And have fun!

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