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"Deep Space 9" was not really very popular for the first few seasons it was on the air. It was "different" .It didn't take place on a ship that moved through space, didn't travel to "strange new worlds". Instead, the strange things came to them. And it was dark, brooding, Cardassian - mleh!

The possibilities of the wormhole next to the station, and the contact with the Gamma quadrant - a new-never-before-seen part of the galaxy, gave the series a lot of potential. It started to fullfill that potential as time went by.

Most of the authors of the Star Trek Deep Space Nine books have done a pretty good job adding even more depth to the characters and the storylines. We hope that you'll enjoy reading the books about this series.

When the series ended, after 7 seasons,it left a lot of things open. That vacuum create an urge to know what is to come, now that the "Emmissary" has disappeared to spend some time with the worm-hole aliens, Nerys is in charge, Odo is back with the link and Bashir and Ezri have a relationship going. O'Brian gets promoted to teach Engineering at Starfleet Academy, but that would mean is that he has to leave the Station.

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