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Welcome to the newest section of the Outpost Library. Here you will find books that will keep you up all night. Whether your favorite books are Murder/Mysteries, the realm of the Supernatural or Cloak & Dagger action thrillers, you will find them here. Click on the Section you are interested in to find our reviewer's favorite authors and their bestselling work. All reviews are in alphabetical order by author - click on the Authors name by the book title to read the review.

Whodunit >>

The whodunit section will take the reader into the worlds of killers and detectives, psychopathic liars, lawyers, politicians and street cops. Corruption, sacrifice, heroism and sorrow - all woven into stories that will grab your attention and hold it till the very end. Within this selection of books we will feature series of books with ongoing characters, books by best-selling authors and classic murders and mysteries. If you are the reader who tries to solve the mystery before the end, these are the books for you.

Supernatural >>

Supernatural books selected by our readers are the ones that ask the question "Are you afraid of the dark? Prone to nightmares? Have a fascination with things that go "bump in the night?" Then, be careful what you read before bed. We have come up with a collection that is sure to keep you up at night with all the lights on. We have ghosts, vampires, haunted houses and who knows what else lurking in the shadows.

Cloak and Dagger >>

For the cloak and dagger fan, we are on a mission to find the best books with heroes and villians, spies, secret agents, international intrigue, politics and surprises at the end. The characters we will introduce you to are guaranteed to keep you reading long after lights out, even on a school night. High tech crime, super weapons, political power-plays, terrorism and more. Must reads for the thriller fan!

So, keep your eyes open for the good and bad guys! Pick one of these books, take the phone off the hook, curl up in a cozy corner and read till you fall asleep, if you can!

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