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Since the mid 1960s, when the history of Star Trek began, the ideas that made up the Star Trek universe have expanded. From television series, motion pictures, cartoons, role playing games, computer games, merchendise, conventions, and even comics and BOOKS! A few hundred have already left the print, and plenty more are on the way. There are even more fan stories being written all the time.

The Star Trek universe is host to the adventures of the original TOS crew, The New Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, New Frontier,and Enterprise. In the last few years we've even had books that were crossover novels, which are novel dealing with more than one of the Star Trek series. We've also had a few book series come out that each told a story about a specific theme, or a common element (like "The Captain's Table").

The Original Series (TOS) >>

Even though the Star Trek Original Series has long been off the air as a weekly series, there is still a soft spot in the heart of the true fan who wants to know what happened before, during, and after our friends aboard the Enterprise popped off into warp one last time.

The Next Generation (TNG) >>

Star Trek - The Next Generation, the television series, was met with great dismay by many of the TOS fans. Those fans asked out loud - 'How in the world could "they" do this? Replace Kirk and Spock and Scotty and the rest of the crew with a bunch of "newbies"? Who thought they could get away with that? and be successful at it?'

Deep Space Nine (DS9) >>

Most of the authors of the Star Trek Deep Space Nine books have done a pretty good job adding even more depth to the characters and the storylines. We hope that you'll enjoy reading the books about this series.

Voyager (VOY) >>

This section of the Star Trek Library is the home of not only the Star Trek Voyager series, but The New Frontier and Titan, the follow up to The Next Generation, as well as anything else we can get our hands on sent in by our loyal readers and reviewers.

Enterprise (ENT) >>

This small section of the Library will include all those books relating to the short-lived Enterprise series.

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